Social Projects

Liepaja Jewish Religious Community

Jewish community activities in Liepaja were resumed in 1989. Since then, the city’s small Jewish population has its own centre, which hosts various Jewish activities; the celebration of holidays, classes for children, and clubs for the elderly. Today the community numbers 185 people.

  • In 2019, the community opened a Social Centre supported by the Uniting History Foundation. Today, the Social Centre helps 45 members of the Liepaja Jewish Community. Elderly and destitute members of the community receive comprehensive support — assistance in purchasing food and medicine, in paying utility bills - which can amount to half their pension in winter - as well as support in household matters. Equally important is the community’s participation in the lives of elderly people — visiting them at home and organising holidays and events.
  • The Social Centre collaborates with the Hesed Social Centre at the Riga Jewish Community to coordinate the distribution of aid to members of the Jews of Liepaja effectively.

Other Social Projects