Social Projects

Chabad Lubavitch Latvia

The Chabad Centre in Latvia was founded in 1992 by the emissary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Mordechai Glazman. The organization is engaged in religious, educational, and humanitarian activities, and holds daily religious services in Beit Chabad. Chabad also runs a private kindergarten, secondary school, and a soup kitchen, which is open daily for those in need. Particular attention is paid to strengthen Jewish education, which includes Torah lessons for men, classes for women, clubs for youth and students, as well as summer and winter camps for school-aged children.

  • Support of Beit Chabad activities.
  • Regular donations for food packages for elderly people.
  • Renovation of the kindergarten premises.
  • Publication of the research by Rabbi Glazman "Rabbis of Latvia".

Other Social Projects