Uniting History Foundation changes name to Uniting Foundation
11 February 2023

Uniting History Foundation changes name to Uniting Foundation

As we expand the activities of the Uniting History Foundation and establish our place among Latvian charitable organizations, we wish to introduce our new name, the Uniting Foundation, which symbolizes unity, connection, and bonding.

“We are glad that the new name, the Uniting Foundation, will represent the core values of our organization in a precise and comprehensive way. With the initial intention of the Foundation to focus on researching the history of our country and people’s fates, we have spent the past three years growing, developing and discovering our place among charitable organizations in Latvia. The new name will bring our message across more clearly – the basis of the values of our foundation is respect towards all people and their various backgrounds, and our willingness to find the common and the uniting,” Executive Director of the Uniting Foundation Elīna Škļara explains.

The Uniting Foundation will continue operating in three areas:

● social activities, primarily focused on developing the Foundation’s Social Center,

● preserving historical heritage by supporting important research on Latvian history and society, and

● culture – providing various social groups with access to culture.

Along with changing the name, the Foundation has also gained a new logo depicting a fingerprint. The new logo reflects the mission of the Foundation – to leave an impression, a positive long-term result on the lives of people and society as a whole with each of our projects.

Image: The fingerprint in the logo symbolizes the mission of the Foundation

The main goals of the Foundation in 2023 are related to further developing the Uniting Care Social Center, which was opened last year. As previously reported, the Social Center of the Foundation offers support to seniors by providing individual at-home care. This type of support is critical for seniors who continue independent living but cannot fully care for themselves. The Foundation cares for more than 40 lonely seniors at the moment, assessing the current situation of each person, their health and everyday needs, all while keeping the opportunity for each customer to receive these services in their familiar home environment. The professionally trained staff of the Social Center help the seniors with day-to-day activities and routines, assist in housework, join them on walks and are there to listen and encourage the improvement of the seniors’ quality of life. One of the directions for the Social Center and an important side project is attending culture events together.

We are open to receiving donations from individuals and legal entities who wish to support the activities of the Foundation and make even a small contribution towards the activities of the Social Center and/or history research and culture projects. Donations can be made by transferring the selected amount to the Foundation’s bank account below, with the designation “Ziedojums” / “Donation”. Donors will be provided with expenditure reports. In order to apply for reports, please contact the Foundation via e-mail at info@uniting.lv or by phone: 27 32 32 34.

Fonds “Uniting”
Reg. No.: 40008290343
Account No.: LV34LLBB0003207000016
Bank: Signet Bank AS
Information for the recipient: Donation

We thank you for your support.

the Uniting Foundation