The Uniting History foundation supported the palliative care program of the Hospiss LV foundation
4 June, 2021

The Uniting History foundation supported the palliative care program of the Hospiss LV foundation

This spring, the Uniting History foundation has provided support to the newly established program Home Care of the Hospiss LV foundation. Thanks to a donation from the foundation, the hospice care program has acquired additional equipment that will provide significant support to make life easier and improve the quality of life for terminally ill patients. Five beds, two anti‑bedsore mattresses, two wheelchairs and the same number of commode chairs, as well as a couple of oxygen concentrators and lifts were purchased thanks to the funds donated by Uniting History.

“When we learned that Hospiss LV had started offering home care to terminally ill patients, we immediately contacted them and offered our support. We believe that it is very important for people to be able to spend the final stage of their lives in their home environment with relatives, not in a medical institution. Thanks to the professionals of Hospiss LV, the necessary care is now available at home, and we are glad that our donation helped purchase the necessary equipment that significantly improves the quality of life. We hope that this program is the first step in the development of palliative care in Latvia,” stresses Elina Sklar, the CEO of the Uniting History foundation.

Since January of this year, the foundation Hospiss LV provides free home care to hospice clients, which is implemented in cooperation with the Latvian Samaritan Association. The term “hospice care” refers to provision of comprehensive care to patients who suffer from incurable diseases in their terminal stages when life expectancy is limited, for example up to six months. Hospice care can be provided to the patient at home, in special hospice centres, short-term or long-term social care institutions, as well as in hospitals.  The goal of the hospice care service is to take a holistic view of the patient as an individual, providing the support needed to ensure his or her physical, emotional, social and spiritual life.

“We are very grateful for the donation made by the Uniting History foundation, and with this money we have already purchased equipment, which will greatly support us in patient care. Among the equipment purchased are a number of important items, such as wheelchairs with a headrest to take out patients who have difficulty sitting in a normal wheelchair, i.e., practically bedridden people. This is a significant improvement in care because a person can enjoy the spring air, scents, listen to bird songs. Two anti-bedsore mattresses with a compressor have also been purchased, which are essential to prevent bedsores. Along with other purchased items, the two oxygen concentrators, which are vital for life and have become difficult to access during the Covid-19 pandemic, are also a significant investment. The lift will also be delivered soon,” says Inta Gerharde, a board member of Hospiss LV, thanking about the support.