The book “Abraham Edelman. 20th Century. A Letter.” published in Russian
19 May, 2021

The book “Abraham Edelman. 20th Century. A Letter.” published in Russian

Continuing the extensive research projects “Jewish Rēzekne” (2017) and “Stories of Kārsava I” (2018/2019), Think Tank Creative Museum has published the memories of Abraham Edelman, Holocaust survivor born in Kārsava and currently residing in Israel, about the life of his family in Kārsava and his own experiences of the twentieth century in Kārsava, Rīga, and Moscow.

At the end of last year, the publication was printed in Latvian and English, and, in spring of 2021, with the support of the Uniting History Foundation, the book was published in its original Russian. The book “Abraham Edelman. 20th Century. A Letter.” is available for reading at the National Library of Latvia; please contact Think Tank Creative Museum regarding purchasing.

The story of Abraham Edelman is special in many ways. Born in 1938 in Rēzekne, he spent the first years of his life in Kārsava. Despite difficult times and emigration to the Soviet Russia, his family were able to keep records of the family history (including documents and photographs starting from the early 19th century). They serve as a solid basis for Abraham’s story and, thanks to his skillful storytelling, it becomes interesting reading material.

In a personal letter format, Abraham Edelman guides readers through the twentieth century, in which the birthplace of his family, Kārsava, plays a special part. The book supplements the growing research series “Stories of Kārsava”, which helps to understand our recent common history through personal stories and testimonies and historical evidence.

           “The story of the history of Abraham Edelman’s family, wrapped in a form of letters, memories and photographs, is an open and multi-faceted example of microhistory, which promotes a better understanding of life experiences of people of various nationalities – Jews, Latvians, Russians, Germans, and others – during a difficult era that stretched for most of the twentieth century. The Latvian town of Kārsava between two world wars, memories of the Nazi Holocaust, years of World War Two spent in evacuation to Central Asia, post-war life in the Soviet Union, repatriation to Israel, viewed through the lens of the Edelman family, simultaneously reveals many interesting nuances and provides a series of human experiences which are formed by the interaction of current powers, societies and individual events,” explains the historical editor of the book, Dr. hist. Uldis Neiburgs.

The author of the text is Abraham Edelman, and it features images from the author’s family archive. Compiler of the book and project coordinator – Ineta Zelča Sīmansone, introduction by Iļja Ļenskis, scientific editor – Dr. hist. Uldis Neiburgs. Literary editors – Sigita Kušnere, Laine Kristberga, Jana Taperte, graphic design by Edvards Percevs.

The publication of the book was supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The Russian edition was supported by the Uniting History Foundation.

If you wish to purchase the book, please contact the head of the Think Tank Creative Museum via e-mail: ineta.simansone@creativemuseum.lv