The Amber Strings ensemble returns from a prestigious US competition with gold medals
2 August 2022

The Amber Strings ensemble returns from a prestigious US competition with gold medals

In July 2022, with support from the Uniting History Foundation and other patrons, the string ensemble of the Liepāja Music, Art and Design School, Amber Strings, went to the prestigious international competition World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles (USA). After competing against other participants from 73 countries, the Liepāja natives gained gold-category prizes in a total of three nominations.

This was the 25th competition held in the heart of US show business. The group of 12 young talents from Liepāja competed against other instrumentalists in the categories of Classics, Contemporary Music, and Freestyle. As the jury evaluated their musical skills, performance choreography, visuals, and industry prospects, the Amber Strings quartet went on to the final round of the competition and received gold awards in all these categories.

The ensemble is led by LMDAS teachers Beata Zariņa-Blaščinska and Dita Barona. The collective was founded in the 2011/2012 study year and celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. The collective unites senior violin and cello students of the LMDAS, currently: Terēze Dārta Balode, Everita Ulberte, Timurs Rebčinskis, Līva Ozola, Evelīna Ulberte, Marija Tauriņa, Pēteris Caune, Elza Vucena, Māra Helena Vēliņa, Anete Pupila, Evelīna Ceļdoma, and Jurģis Ozols.

The Uniting History Foundation are glad to congratulate the members of the ensemble, its leaders and all those involved in preparing the performances with this great achievement and wish further accomplishments in the future!