New lecture series about music, Amber Music Discussion Club, created for adults, with support from Uniting History Foundation
14 September, 2021

New lecture series about music, Amber Music Discussion Club, created for adults, with support from Uniting History Foundation

Starting from September 14, music and art enthusiasts who wish to discover new knowledge about European and world music will have the opportunity to join monthly lectures of the Amber Music Discussion Club in person or online, which will be created by Liepāja Concert Hall Great Amber with support from the Uniting History Foundation and in collaboration with Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music (JVLMA).

Concert Hall Great Amber has become a welcoming environment for a wide variety of musical happenings. In order to promote a deeper understanding of the sonic art among listeners, a new initiative is started in the fall of 2021 – the Amber Music Discussion Club. It will become a platform for conversations, discussions and an exchange of opinions open for all – passionate melomaniacs, art connoisseurs, inquisitive students and interested enthusiasts alike.

“What is most pleasing is that an idea to create such a musical discussion club came from our regular listeners. Children and young adults acquire a music literature program in schools, and the Amber Music Discussion Club will become the only course of its kind for adults in Latvia. It will help to understand music better and appreciate it even more. Professionals of the JVLMA have created the lectures to be exciting and useful both to beginners and those who already have some knowledge in music. We kindly thank out supporters, the Uniting History Foundation, who truly understand the necessity to promote the accessibility of art and culture education,” points out CEO of Concert Hall Great Amber Timurs Tomsons introducing the new project.

Once a month from September to May, listeners are invited to meet at the Amber Music Discussion Club on Tuesdays in the Chamber Hall of the Great Amber to embark on a journey through past centuries focusing on key events. Duration of each lecture: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

Chamber Hall

“We are excited and open to this new collaboration with Liepāja Concert Hall Great Amber to join forces and offer a unique series of 10 lectures for anyone who is interested in music and art. The teachers at our academy have accepted a new challenge with this project – telling about pivotal moments in the development of music in a format available to anyone, as open conversations. We hope that this academic year with listeners in Liepāja and enthusiasts from all over Latvia will be full of valuable revelations,” says Head of JVLMA Guntars Prānis, whom attendees will meet as the first lecturer on September 14, dedicated to the history of medieval music.

The ten meetings of the series will be an opportunity to join music theorists and practitioners, hear stories and get to know carefully selected audio and video materials. The lecture program was put together by musicologist and lecturer of the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music Baiba Kurpniece.

All those interested may participate in the musical discussion group both in person by attending meetings in the Chamber Hall of Concert Hall Great Amber, and remotely online. Live streaming will be ensured using the digital concert hall equipment.

“Our Foundation has a long and constant cooperation with Liepāja Concert Hall Great Amber and its support society, and we are pleased to continue it by offering a new and unique educational project for adults. Thanks to the digital facilities of Concert Hall Great Amber, listeners will be able to follow this series all over Latvia and abroad, which we believe to be a great advantage,” says Elina Sklar, Executive Director of the Uniting History Foundation.

Upon the completion of the lecture series, members who have participated in at least seven lectures will be able to receive a certificate on the completion of the course. Certificates can only be received by those attendees who have registered for online or offline participation prior to the lecture.



September 14 | Tuesday | 6 p.m. 
The exciting story of medieval music in the history of European culture

Professor Guntars Prānis 

October 19 | Tuesday | 6 p.m.
Renaissance: a musical journey from Florence to Rīga
Dr. art. Ilze Šarkovska-Liepiņa

November 2| Tuesday |6 p.m.
Baroque: the odd pearl of art

Conductor Andris Veismanis

December 14| Tuesday |6 p.m.
Classicism: a dialogue between the Temporal and the Divine

Conductor Andris Veismanis


January 11 | Tuesday | 6 p.m.
Beethoven and transcending boundaries

Professor Lolita Fūrmane

February 1 |Tuesday | 6 p.m.
Romanticism –the lyrical and the raging

Professor Lolita Fūrmane

March 1 |Tuesday | 6 p.m.
The romantic symphony: from love to the death of love

Conductor Andris Vecumnieks

March 22| Tuesday |6 p.m.
The otherness of Russian music

Conductor Andris Vecumnieks

April 12 |Tuesday |6 p.m.
A meeting in the laboratory of modernism

Lecturer Baiba Kurpniece

May 10 | Tuesday | 6 p.m.
Everything is equal, or the temptation of postmodern music
Lecturer Baiba Kurpniece.