Donation of a lung ventilation device to Liepaja Regional Hospital
5 March, 2021

Donation of a lung ventilation device to Liepaja Regional Hospital

Liepaja Regional Hospital has received a lung ventilation device “Hamilton C1” from the Uniting History Foundation as a donation, which will also be used in the treatment process of Covid-19 patients.

Mikhail Dolgushev, the head of the Emergency Medicine Centre of Liepaja Regional Hospital, anesthesiologist-resuscitator, explains that this high-quality artificial lung ventilation device is used for patients' breathing, in situations when one is unable to supply oxygen to his body. “Patients who have developed respiratory failure, including Covid-19 patients, use this type of ventilator,” M.Dolgushev stated.

“Not only Covid-19 patients, a very large proportion of whom are forced to undergo intensive care in need of artificial lung ventilation, but also many other patients with other very serious health problems need this equipment. Therefore, any such equipment is very needful and useful. Especially if it is able to provide high-flow oxygen therapy, which is very important for patients with severe disease. Such an artificial lung ventilator is especially used in the early stages of the disease so that the patient does not have to be put into coma. These facilities give us such opportunity,” doctor is satisfied with the gift received and is grateful that the hospital has been given the opportunity to supplement the material and technical resources of the department with modern, much-needed equipment.

“At this time, when significant resources of the medical industry are involved in the fight for the health and even the lives of Covid-19 patients, we consider it our duty to support Liepaja Regional Hospital and donate this lung ventilation equipment,” emphasized Elina Sklar, Executive Director of the Uniting History Foundation when handing over the donation, “we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts to all the doctors and all the medical staff who have been working in especially intensive manner for a year already. With this gift, on behalf of the foundation, we would like to thank the doctors for their selfless work and we are looking forward to the soon improvement of the situation with Covid-19 in the city and in the country.”

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Requiring only a minimum of space, the HAMILTON-C1 combines invasive and noninvasive modes as well as high flow oxygen therapy with maximum mobility. This makes it an ideal companion for all patient groups in the intensive care unit, emergency ward, recovery room or intermediate care, long-term acute care facilities, and during intrahospital transport.