Conversations about courage at Lipke memorial
30 June, 2020

Conversations about courage at Lipke memorial

"What will happen to you, will happen to me as well" Elza Pērkone (Liepaja)

On the 30th of June, at 6 pm, a lecture on rescuers and rescued Jews of Liepaja, Aizpute and Rucava will take place at the Lipke Memorial (in Latvian).

Lecturer: Maija Meiere, a researcher at the Žanis Lipke Memorial, studied in depth the lesser-known stories of rescuers of Jews. Several of the rescue attempts ended tragically, but the survivors left vivid testimonies of what life meant in hiding and uncertainty.

Of the 138 Latvians who have been awarded the title of “Righteous Among the Nations” in Jerusalem for selfless rescue of Jews, almost a fifth are from Liepaja, Aizpute and Rucava.

Event supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation and Uniting History Foundation