Care beds for palliative care patients
23 September, 2021

Care beds for palliative care patients

Thanks to the support of the Uniting History Foundation, the charity organization Hospiss.lv purchased multi-functional care beds for its palliative care patients.

As part of the charity organization's Hospiss.lv project Home Care, terminally ill people receive all the necessary care at home, not in a hospital. For this purpose, special equipment is installed in the apartment of a hospice's patient in ward. Doctors, nurses and volunteers visit the patient as well.

The Uniting History Foundation has already supported the hospice for the purchase of necessary equipment. In addition to the 7 previously purchased care beds, this time, another 3 beds will help the patients. Now all 10 patients receiving palliative care at home have the multi-functional care beds.

The beds have adjustable height, backrest angle (for example, for a sitting position) and leg section angle as well. Therefore, a person forced to spend most of the day in prone position has an opportunity to do some of everyday activities oneself in a convenient position: watch TV, read, eat and drink, have visitors and communicate.

The ability to be among loved ones in amid familiar surroundings improves the quality of life of those who cannot be cured, but who can and should be helped. Therefore, the Uniting History will continue to support the activities of Hospiss.lv.