Historical and Educational projects

Riga Ghetto Museum

The Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum is an independent project founded in 2010 by the non governmental organisation SHAMIR, which is funded largely through private donations. The museum aims to preserve the history of the Jewish community in Latvia and to remember the tragedy which befell it during the Second World War.

Projects supported by Uniting History Foundation

  • Publication of Max Kaufmann's book The Extermination of the Jews in Latvia with archival photographs and a commentary by Dr. Grigory Smirin. Publication of an expanded version of the book in English, Russian, and Latvian.
  • Support of the 6th International Conference on ‘Holocaust Museums in the XXI century.
  • Construction of a memorial wall in honour of the 25,000 Western European Jews who were deported to Riga.

Other Historical & Educational Projects