Uniting History Foundation

Uniting History Foundation is a Latvian charitable organisation. Uniting History implements projects in three priority areas – social support, preservation of the history of Latvia and cultural development.  

Social projects – UH develops programs aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly, provides assistance to people with disabilities, and also supports the repressed, descendants of the Righteous Among the Nations and older members of the Jewish community who survived the Holocaust.

Historical projects – the goal of UH is to preserve the history of Latvia and develop intercultural dialogue. The foundation cooperates with museums, supports research, creation of exhibitions and permanent displays, as well as publication of books.

Cultural projects – the foundation contributes to enriching the cultural life of Latvia by supporting performances of world-class classical musicians. The Foundation also provides grants for the development of programs implemented by other NGOs and charitable organisations in these areas.

Uniting History Project in Liepaja

The Uniting History Project in Liepaja is a long-term, non-profit cultural initiative which aims to commemorate the events and victims of the 1940s. The project focuses on life in Liepaja’s multicultural, pre-war society, and on the personal stories of the victims of the Holocaust and Soviet deportation. We believe that knowledge and an increased appreciation of Liepaja’s lost multicultural past will serve as a common ground for building a stronger city in the present. The project hopes to build a tolerant society through promoting awareness and interaction. The Uniting History Project will hold an annual series of community and place-based educational and cultural events, highlighting the importance of knowing and sharing history in order to create a better future.


To develop activities aimed at preserving the history of Latvia, to promote intercultural dialogue, to support charitable initiatives and to participate in solving the social problems of the elderly and vulnerable people.

Executive Director